1. EXENTRI Wallets Unboxing

    EXENTRI Wallets Unboxing

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    EXENTRI WALLETS UNBOXING VIDEO Check out this new unboxing video: EXENTRI Wallets are Europe's #1 selling smart wallets and combines innovation with quality and unique features....
  2. NEW! EXENTRI Wallet Green Cobra

    NEW! EXENTRI Wallet Green Cobra

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    NEW! GREEN COBRA EXENTRI Wallet is now available in Green Cobra. This wallet has a stylish dark green snakeskin leather structure. A minimalist wallet designed for cards, bills,...
  3. NEW! EXENTRI Multiwallet Blue

    NEW! EXENTRI Multiwallet Blue

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    NEW! EXENTRI MULTIWALLET BLUE We are pleased to introduce the new EXENTRI  Multiwallet model EX M 515 Multiwallet Blue EXENTRI Multiwallet will soon be available in Blue leather....
  4. NEW! EXENTRI Multiwallet

    NEW! EXENTRI Multiwallet

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    Discover our new EXENTRI Multiwallet! A modern wallet that combines small size and easy access with great storage space for 5-10 cards, bills, receipts, tickets, coins and other small objects. Multiwallet is made with...
  5. A true friend in your pocket!

    A true friend in your pocket!

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    J anuary 28, 2019   When it comes to our everyday carry, we've come a long way! People are more often paying with credit cards than cash and we bring our smartphone everywhere. This new way of use has led to...