A large part of the Norwegian design tradition is about great functionality. The same is true of the EXENTRI Wallet - the wallet that changed the market perception of wallets. The classic and innovative design with strong focus on user friendliness and modern demands is what makes our wallets completely unique and popular around the world.

Even though people carry more and more cards, you only use a few of them daily. Easy access to your payment essentials in everyday situations, whether it is paying for your coffee, taking the train or going to the gym, is the most important feature of the EXENTRI Wallets. Our handcrafted leather wallets are thoughtfully designed to hold what you need, while keeping your pockets slim and data safe with the integrated RFID protection. Made from durable, high-quality materials to ensure that our wallets last.

EXENTRI Wallets are available in 4 different models; Wallet, City, Multiwallet and Miniwallet. We have a smart solution for every need, whether you prefer a minimalist card holder or require more space for cards, bills, receipts, tickets, coins or AirTag tracker.
And because we know that everyone has a different style, we offer a range of colours and designs to choose from.


Exentri smart wallet

Exentri City cardholder

multiwallet coin pocket

Mini black brown leather card wallet